Workshop are an intergal part of the teaching-learning process at Akshara. The school regularly arranges workshops for teachers as part of their professional development and for student to expose them to new educational concepts.

Before the start of academic year, teachers undergo a Teacher Training workshop to get exposed to new techniques and methods of academic planning and teaching. Learning and practical implementation of the knowledge acquired go hand in hand. The school gives the teachers a platform to be innovative and creative while applying the new teaching methods in the classroom.

For students, the workshops provide experiential learning and some of the difficult concepts are explained through models made in these workshops. For example the models in Origami are made to explain the concepts like volume & areas of various geometrical shapes.

Students also participate in external workshops on art, drama and painting to get exposure and to interface with artists. External experts are invited to talk to students about various competitive exams and how to prepare for them.

Parent are also invited to workshops like for effective parenting and career planning.