ADMISSIONS: Transport Facility

Akshara International provides safe and comfortable transport facility to all its students through a fleet of school owned and outsourced buses. The bus routes are planned at the start of the academic session to optimize the travel time of the students. Parents can refer to the School Transport document to get an idea of the areas serviced by current bus routes.

Following safety measures have been adopted by the school to ensure security of the students:

» All the buses comply with the guidelines for School Buses laid out by the State Transport Authority (RTO)
» Buses get certified on compliance at the start of the academic session and their maintenance is monitored.
» The school campus has a safe boarding area where the buses get lined up.
» Teachers are assigned bus wise boarding duty to ensure all children are seated safely in the correct bus.
» A Transport Support Desk monitors the pick up and drop. It handles queries from parents during daily transit.
» Workshops are held to educate the staff (drivers, conductors and lady attendants) on discipline and safety.