Curriculum: Primary

At the primary level, Akshara offers a broad and balanced curriculum with the objective of providing holistic education through a structred schooling program. The focus is on:
» developing strong fundamentals in academics,
» good physical development and team spirit through sports
» broad intellectual development through performing arts
» inculcating good moral values rooted in Indian culture along with a commitment to Community Service

Our aim is to establish a strong foundation in each child for a future global career/ education by blending the traditional 3R (Reading, Writing and Arithmetics) with 4C skills, which are required for success in the 21st century.
» Critical thinking and problem solving,
» Communication,
» Creativity,
» Collaboration

We do this by adopting the modern methods of teaching like use of LCD, Audio-Visual, Story Method, Exploration and Research, Group Discussions (Debate) to make learning effective and an enjoyable experience.