Workshop: Career Planning

A Student Workshop on Career Development was conducted in the school for secondary students and their parents. The impact of 18 years of education and right choices on one's career success were discussed during the session.

The presenter highlighted that there are three major components in building career success namely,
> Child's individuality
> Personal and family aspirations
> Occupation and career streams awareness

Early alignment of the above and development of an achievement plan for the chosen career are critical for success. The suggested steps are as follows:

> Pshycometric assessment to assess the mental abilities, personality factors and defining a personality profile.
> Analysis of the personality, ability and interest to determine suitable career options.
> Career Planning by being aware of various career streams and associated entrance.
> Building and following an achievement plan.

All the students underwent a series of online assessments after the workshop to develop their total psychological profile. By aligning their individual assets and strengths to career goals, the students can make an informed entry into further Education and career streams. Such Career planning will enable long term success and satisfaction.